Sustainable Technology


AFS Bachy Soletanche, through its parent company, Soletanche Freyssinet, is committed to the principle of sustainability. This commitment includes an in-depth study of the CO2 production linked to the activities of its two main specialist areas: soils and structures. As a mark of this new direction and the commitment to it all of the Australian entities-:
Freyssinet Australia, Menard Oceania, AFS Bachy Soletanche ,Reinforced Earth (RECCO),  and GFWA , continue the process of “Sustainable Technology”, started in 2007.

Click here – Soletanche Freyssinet-Sustainable Development Policy


AFS Bachy Soletanche continues to find ways of lowering our impact on the environment. These initiatives include

  • AFS Bachy Soletanche specifies in a range of our machines PANOLIN bio degradable hydraulic oil to substantially mitigate the consequences of any damage to the piling platforms and adjacent waterways, should a hose beak or split.
  • Engineering planning for Projects address the placement and movement of spoil to minimise risk, particularly in the event of inclement weather. eliminate any storage of excavated spoil material.
  • A large proportion of our key plant engines (80 % of fuel consumption) are Tier III low emission diesel engines.
  • Diesel is stored off site and delivered on a needs basis or in remote locations diesel is stored in “self bunded “purpose built modular tank, mounted on truck to minimise risk of any diesel spill, kept a maximum of 1000 litres of stored diesel on site, approximately a day’s usage of the machines.
  • On site Emergency spill response training is conducted with entire team to ensure site was prepared to deal with a spill emergency.
  • Competent efficient designs ensure high regularly content Concrete and Reinforcement is minimised on all our Design and Construct projects.
  • Environmental noise monitoring  is conducted to confirm compliance with WHS & Environmental noise guidelines.9046_19_Bild_Umwelt

Social Commitment to Quality, Safety & Environmental Performance

The group has employee education programs in place throughout the world (such as the “Safety First!” scheme, campaigning against drug-addiction, holding safety seminars and regularly organizing methods training before starting work on sites) and has now stepped up its efforts to improve risk prevention and its safety results at the local level.